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  1. Financial Losses to Counterfeit Batteries $0.023 Billion ($23 Million)

Counterfeit Batteries

United States Customs and Border Patrol seized $1.8 Million of counterfeit batteries in 2008.


Sanyo Electronics stated that back in 2003, the company seized over 3,000 counterfeit batteries in markets in Bangkok.

On a raid in 2009, the company seized 234 counterfeit batteries.


Counterfeit Batteries is the manufacturing and sale of batteries that profits off of the trademarks and brand names of legitimate battery manufacturers.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association states that $23 million is lost to counterfeit batteries worldwide, with $12 million lost in the United States.

mber 25, 2007).

75 percent of mobile phone replacement batteries in India believed to be counterfeit.

Source: “Counterfeit account for 70-75% of replacement battery market: ICA,” The Economic Times, October 3, 2007.